Mold Remediation Austin

The First Step Is A Thorough and Complete Inspection.

The first consultation and initial evaluation should be free. After an initial evaluation, a more comprehensive moisture inspection should be performed. In Texas, if this is necessary a licensed Mold Inspection Firm will be required.

The Second Step is accurate and verified testing.

Your Austin mold inspection report should include a complete photographic study with hundreds of photos, a detailed written study, and specific recommendations. The report will include an accurate quote for your guaranteed mold and moisture solution. After any repair work to fix the moisture problem, your home should be scientifically tested again. It should test the moisture, temperature, and humidity throughout your house and collect air samples from multiple places inside and outside to accurately measure the spore count throughout your environment. These spore samples are then sent to the, an independent laboratory for identification, verification, and precise counting.

The Third Step is a thorough cleaning of your home.

The inside of your entire home is wiped down or scrubbed with our TM100 mold-eating enzyme solution. Then, we use a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuum your home to capture loose debris and organic material prior to the enzyme fogging process.

The Fourth Step is dinnertime: An Enzyme Fog.

Now it is time to reach places that no one could go. Our TM100 enzyme fog will reach inside every nook and cranny of your home: deep into the fabric, inside your heating and air conditioning systems, into crawl spaces and attic insulation. The enzymes zero in and literally consume the mold and spores. We follow that with a second HEPA vacuum process to capture whatever remaining material possible.

The Fifth Step is follow-up testing and a Guarantee.

After the enzymes have done their work, contractors should go back in and test again for moisture, temperature, humidity and any remaining spores. Take a look at the before and after Lab test results that the process produced to the right outcome. It is these types of results that guarantee the work and solutions were successful. This will complete the Austin mold remediation process.