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How To Clean Up After Fire Damage

Published / by Thomas

You Cannot Enter Until The Fire Marshall Gives Approval

After a fire disaster, homeowners commonly want to know right away to what extent the fire has damaged their property. They want to see if there is anything left of their valuable possessions that are still salvageable. Understandably, fire victims want to immediately get into rebuilding and restoring their home and their lives. It may be tempting for property owners to go into the burn site area the instant it appears that the flames have died down. However, under no circumstances should anyone re-enter a fire damaged property without the approval of the fire marshal first. Even if the fire seems to have been fully extinguished, flames can easily reignite with just a small gust of wind. The foundation holding up the property structure could be weak and be crumbling after having been damaged by the fire. Smoke and fumes could still be emanating from the charred pieces, and these could be highly toxic and poisonous. Remember a burn site must first be declared safe by the fire department officials before trying to do any fire damage cleaning, restoring, and rebuilding.

Contact Insurance Company

Cleaning up after fire damage is a long and tedious process. It can be potentially quite costly too. However, the damage caused by the fire can actually be worsened if the people handling the fire restoration Austin process don’t really know what they’re doing. Property owners need to know, besides the actual fire damage there will be water damage caused by work of putting out the fire. It is recommended that homeowners who have been fire victims contact their insurance company immediately after the fire. Aside from the assistance in assessing the damage to the property, the insurance company can also help in evaluating which pieces are salvageable or not. Additionally, they can also help in finding suitable fire restoration professionals for the insurance holder. Fire restorers are armed with the right knowledge and the proper equipment needed in cleaning up after fire damage. They can not only minimize further damage to a homeowner’s burned property, but they can also salvage many precious belongings and restore them to their original condition. The outright cost of hiring fire and water damage restoration professionals may seem steep at first, but they could save homeowners a lot of money (not to mention save a lot of their original property) in the long run. They can determine which items can be saved and restored, instead of having the homeowner buy everything brand new. Fire damage is not uniformly similar for all fire victims. It is therefore important to check the extent of the fire and water damage first before doing any cleaning. Doing so can help homeowners form a battle plan on how to proceed with the cleaning process. It will also help them estimate how much the cleanup is going to cost them.Find out how much of the property has been damaged by fire. Also, find out how much of the property has been damaged by the water used to extinguish the fire. Check which furniture pieces have been damaged and what their damages are. Determine how much time had passed since the fire occurred.

Don’t Delay The Clean Up

Ideally, fast and immediate action should be undertaken when cleaning after fire damage. Many items might not be salvageable anymore especially if left in their current scorched state for some time. But if getting professional fire restorers is out of the budget and still needs to be planned, there are some things that homeowners can do themselves to save some of their personal belongings. The first thing that homeowners can do themselves is to ventilate the fire damaged property. Open windows, use electric fans, switch on dehumidifiers – anything to get the air circulating within the area. Smoke particles and other toxic fumes trapped within the area need to be dispersed as soon as possible. Secondly, anything that had gotten wet such as clothes, draperies, wall-to-wall carpets, and rugs should be dried immediately. Hang them on clotheslines, lay them out under the sun, and use fans to help them dry quicker. If these things are left wet, mold and mildew could form on them and make cleaning a lot harder and more expensive.